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Published September 2, 2007 by sadistickitten

New layout check it out userinfosadistic_kitten

In other news…..

Things with Tony's site still aren't where we'd like them to be 😦 but at lesat we are getting more traffic on the forums and more members so that's a start. At least we're going somewhere right?! We'd hope to get up further in the ratings but I guess we'll have to see. Other than that, things might be tight around here for awhile. Good thing that I got 2 extra checks that I was expecting because that really helps us out. I'll probably be going to family dollar a lot more than I have been to get the better deals and things cheap. We're not in trouble right now but I will be spreading the dollar a bit thinner this month. I won't be buying anything that we don't need for the new fex weeks/months til we get things a bit higher in the cash department.

Sorry if my typings a bit off, for once Princess is actually in my lap! I think she likes my tinkerbell pj bottoms that I'm wearing ^_^ they're oh so soft hee hee it's sooo cute that she's going to me instead of Tony for once. Makes me feel good as if she actually does love me or something. She did it earlier when Tony was napping (yes that's a common thing with him, he gets up at like 5am if not sooner every day then takes a nap in the middle of the day yet bitches at me for sleeping in SOME not all mornings til like 11am or something) but I thought that was just because he wasn't around that she went into my lap. I love when she's needing me before she sits down that's the cutest thing ever.

Ok back to the update….. 

Other than that stuff, I've been writing back to pen pals.  I'm working on Trina's letter as we speak (wrote about that in my community) hers should be out by Tuesday since tomorrow there's no mail tomorrow and all.  I have 2 other letters to write after I'm finished hers but I'm taking my time don't want to rush things.  I haven't had time to even read my book because of the letters and all but that's ok, sometimes it's good to take breaks from reading for a litlte while.  I was reading HP for like days/weeks on end.  

Between keeping the forums busy and writing my letters, I've been playing “sam & max season 1” it's wicked addicting!!!  After Julia's post I want to play the sims again but not till after I've finished more of the other game or at least til I play more of the other game today then I'll play the sims after.  Tonight our show wasn't on (the 4400) instead we watched some family guy on tv, we haven't had a dvd from netflix for family guy in a while now.  

Yesterday, Tony was gone playing poker with the guys and I was cleaning like a man woman.  After I was done, I started Trina's letter but got tired after awhile due to all the cleaning so I watched a bunch of movies on tv that I had never seen before but really wanted to.  Tony ended up calling to say he's playing some cash games then he'd be home later.  

So nothing too shocking's been going on, I do need to get a few items at Family Dollar tomorrow for what we need for the house.  I hope that everyone has a good long weekend and stays safe. 

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