man it's been something

Published August 31, 2007 by sadistickitten

Today has been some day!! I got up and did a much more intense exercises than I normally do and man, am I feeling it. 😦 But it's all good I need to lose some weight for my reunion, since I need to lose some more weight before then I need to start now being more intense with my workout routine.

After I got up, I relaxed like it said to do then took my shower after checking things online (never did my contests OPS) and then we ate some lunch while watching rome show so it could go back to netflix. After that, we headed out to walmart and I got a cute pj (summer one) set since I didn't have many pjs (might get another set at another time when it's reduced after summer has gone by) for the summer and all. Gotta wear something when I get out of the shower or when I don't feel like wearing normal clothes. Plus, I also got a pair of shorts that I could wear to bed or out walking which ever I like.

Did the laundry and dealt with some drama in Tony's forum, man it was crazy. Tony had to do his job of admin while I did mine of moderator. I got bitched at a few times or once and awhile because I'm a woman and they're a guy, typically guys don't like taking orders from females but we did our best to diffuse the situation. It's been going on all night long too but I think that things should be ok now but one can only hope right?

Since Tony'll be gone most of the long weekend, I will be cleaning on Saturday since we desperately need that done. I've already written up my to do list so I know exactly what needs to be cleaned and man, is it ever a long one..WOW! I have everything from cleaning to filling requests and writing letters. But the cleaning will be done first then I'll do the other stuff. I also have Sunday to do stuff as well because on Sunday Tony's got his paintball that he's going to so I'll have time then as well. As for Monday, we're not completely sure what we're doing, I have to call my mom on Saturday to tell her who's coming to the anniversary party as well as ask what they're doing for labors day (labors is labors day–homestar runner joke).

I've been addicted to my new game Sam & Max episode 1. It's been kind of hard to figure out the clues and stuff with the episodes but I've been checking it out online and for the most part, I've gotten it right. But some things are harder than others of course so it's nice to know that I can check that stuff out online if I need to.

In other news..
This heat is a KILLER!! I'm dieing as I type this up, I really wish it would get cooler and fast. We're supposed to get some rain tonight and storms so maybe that will cool it down a bit. hope so…

Maybe we'll go take a walk tomorrow who knows. Guess we'll have to wait and see. We have a few movies that we rented through netflix and we'll probably be watching that on Monday. I am still expecting to get some things in the mail from sites. Tony hasn't paid me yet but it's not the end of the month either. I just ordered a few items off of sanrio's site because I couldn't find anything at the stores the other day. It was a few things that I couldn't help but buy ^_^ they were soo damn cute. I will also post pictures when they come in later on next week.

Well that's all folks. I've got to get ready for bed, I'm exhausted. Drama and exercising really tires a person out.



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