filter entry–written about assholes that won't leave us alone!

Published August 31, 2007 by sadistickitten

Some asshole that Tony dealt with before is now threatening us (ok not exactly us but hinting to us by others that know us) that he knows where we live, our phone number, where go for grocery shopping, our church?(can't figure this one out because we don't go to church), and this asshole's been to prison. Tony's thinking about possibly investing in a gun. Which scares me as much as it makes me safe, if that makes any sense.

God, I swear we've got targets on our backs and I don't like it. But I won't be open the door for ANYONE that I don't know anyways. No matter what, and I can always call the police if that stuff does happen. But don't worry guys nothing will happen. It's just one of those internet wackjobs. Besides, guys like him are all talk. We did have another guy (drama city huh?) that was saying to us “I'll get you even if it takes 10 years” but we're not worried about him, he's all talk too. Besisides, Tony's friend that we met in Vegas said if he ever sees that asshole he'll fuckin' kill him for his comments about me. Won't get into that it's just really annoying and very stressful.


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