we left the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published August 29, 2007 by sadistickitten

Today Tony and I decided that we were going to return my shirt to JCP. We ended up going there and I didn't buy A THING at the mall go me huh? ^_^ Then we WERE going to eat at friendly's but we heard kids crying and screaming when we were near JCP so we decided not to eat near the food court. Got all the way down to Friendly's and heard a kid crying (the same one we saw before that earlier that the mother was spoiling) so we stood there saying nope kids crying we're leaving.

Tony wanted to check out the olive garden plus that way, we could get my sam & max season 1 computer game that I wanted to get last time but I pasted up instead. Olive Garden was nice, I got spagetti and meatballs, Tony got his chicken with fetticine like always ^_^ It was really good, we hadn't been there before so that was a treat for us. We sampled some of the new wine that they had there which I hadn't drank since Vegas and I wasn't impressed. I'd rather have virgin stuff so I know that I'll go with that from now on without alcohol.

Came back home and I started playing the game, had a few problems with it but looked it up online for some help. My mother called earlier and Tony called her back to fix the problem that she was having. Other than that, we've been having a nice night. Tomorrow we'll probably go to Walmart to pick up some thing that we need. Well I'm off to play more of my game, I'm hooked I tell you. OH I got a letter from majui today ^_^ thanks I'll write you back soon. I just ordered a few items off sanrio's site because someone posted about HK devil and I HAD to get these things. It wasn't too bad with shipping either, Tony can kiss my ass if he's upset because he owes me almost 200 dollars.

Take care all, have a good night. I know that I need to do requests but like I said I'm leaving it open for a little while.


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