the weekend is for fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Published August 26, 2007 by sadistickitten

We haven't been up to too much this week, the rest of this week has been hot and sticky so we've been staying home. We have a bunch of things that need to get picked up on Monday at the grocery store plus we also have to get a few things at Walmart because there's a lot that they won't have that we need. Plus I'll have to do the laundry as well because our freezer had to get defrosted again (meaning Tony had to blow dry it, ours is a refurbished model so that means that it was used and it's crap) so the towels are all wet now.

I started reading “the starter wife” which is actually rather good, I definately want to get maneater by gigi who wrote “the starter wife” and I am looking forward to reading more of it. I am putting princess diaries on hold right now so I can see the show that USA network had on awhile back then I'll go back to princess diaries.

I also wrote a few letters and I know that I haven't updated my mail/pen pal community in awhile but with it being so hot I've been trying to stay off the computer and write the letters rather than being on the computer and keeping myself hot. I have written to everyone but: Melissa & Heidi, those 2 I still have here. Melissa's is what I'm currently writing to right now. I hope that everyone can forgive me for not updating the community. I know that I have requests that need to be fulfilled I am going to work on them when I'm done all the letters because I think that's fair.

I'm doing better with sleeping, however I'm still not getting enough but at least I'm getting more than I had been getting right? Friday, Tony and I went to roll on like we had planned with the andrew guy. We were there for a little while but we were both tired and either the weather or the fact that I think we're coming down with something bothered us and we left early. I didn't skate of course but Tony did. I read my book of course like always. All of a sudden being there, I felt like I was still in high school at my age. It was very surreal and realized how much I don't want to be there anymore.

This weekend? What have I done?! Actually nothing, we went to bed early last night and got up around 1amish and went on the computer. Went back to bed and woke up later on in the day today, this is the longest day ever. Basically, we're taking it easy this weekend and relaxing. All the “work” will be fulfilled tomorrow since we both need this time to ourselves. I've been playing pirates on facebook as well as reading, writing and sleeping ^_^ sounds nice huh? gotta tell you, I love it. I haven't found any jobs in my area lately which pisses me off a lot but at least I am looking. I heard it's the highest unemployment rate in years so that's probably why huh? And especially in my area too.

Well I'm getting hot sitting here in the computer room so I'm off to write more to Melissa so maybe I can get her letter out for Monday. Take care all and have a good night.

PS: I saw some posts that were made and I read them but I haven't commented on them yet but I will soon.



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