going through "collection"

Published August 26, 2007 by sadistickitten

I was putting yet another sample inside my box  and I realized something I pretty much don't need to buy makeup, hair stuff, face stuff, deoderant, etc for a LOOOOONNNNGG time.  Why you ask?!  Well I've got a shitload of stuff that I don't need to buy from either samples or sweepstakes wins.  I also have been doing well with surveys and getting points stuff, I don't usually talk about that stuff in my journal because I don't tell everything to you guys ^_^ some things I like to keep private.  Since I don't have a job, money is far more important to me than others whom do have jobs.  That's not to say that I don't want others to make some extra cash but when you don't have a job it's a lot harder to make money *LOL* than if you do.  If I put all my sweespstakes wins together it'd come to about 5 thousand if not more.  If only I could win something more than a small item(s) oh well one of these days….

Tony's site is doing a bit better but we still aren't where we need to be but at least it's coming along.  We are making ends meet but it'd be nice if we got more bids in before it's too late but at least we have been getting some bids in so that's a start.  well I am going to take yet another survey, take care all.  I'm off to try to win me more points ^_^

have a good night


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