situation is still waiting itself out

Published August 25, 2007 by sadistickitten

The situation with my mom and grandmother hasn't gotten any better why you ask? Well I haven't done anything about it, I am sick of doing everyone favors. I do them TOO much for people and I need to learn how to say no when I'm wearing myself out.

Just because I don't have a job, doesn't mean that I'm not busy right now. Grrr. I'm not going to call them back, why you ask? Well my mom put my phone number on the invitiations WITHOUT even asking me prior to putting them on there. Now to me, that's fuckin' rude. She should've asked before putting them on there. I'm sure she asked my sister ahead of time and my sis' number is PRIVATE now.

Not only that but my mom has been calling ALL week long for “favors” for me to do for her so I'm sick of it. I don't see why I have to keep doing her favors when she clearly hasn't done anything for me nor Tony. Wtf? She's just so fuckin' rude and mean lately. I don't like it and I wish that we could move away from here and never return. I don't even want to give them my phone number or address when we move so that way they'll NEVER be able to get a hold of me.

On to my grandmother, now I love my grandmother I really do. That's NOT the point here. My point here is (while talking to Trina about this, I thought of why I'm really so fuckin' pissed off) that she has NEVER called me. Not even to say hello when I first moved in, I have always called her to say hello or whatever. Now all of a sudden now that she NEEDS something she calls. She's called my sister before without wanting something. Let her fuckin' call my goddamn sister who's fuckin' perfect to do whatever “favor” she needs me to do for her. I am sick to death of doing peple whom do NOT deserve it favors. Fuck them all! I hate my family and I can't wait to move away from them ALL!

ARGH! That felt good getting that off my chest. A real update will come soon!


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