Published August 24, 2007 by sadistickitten

I just got late from sleeping the wrong way and waking up like 4am for awhile then I finally made myself go back to sleep. So the minute that I just wake up, my grandmother calls to say that she needs me to call her whenever I'm available.

I love my grandmother don't get me wrong but I HATE it when people don't say why they're calling or what for. To me, it's pretty fuckin' rude and to top that off the ONLY time anyone calls me is when they want something. It's never because they want to see me or just talk. I hate that about my family but I've gotten used to it. One thing that drives me nuts about living so close to my family. I'll just have to focus on leaving here and getting the hell out of new england even harder. Plus since I don't have a job and Tony works from home everyone THINKS that all I do is nothing and I have plenty of spare time plus him have all the time in the world, when we're just as busy as others that are working. That pisses me off soo very much.

EDIT: My mom just called now asking ME for a favor 😦 wtf? Can't people just do what they normally do and ignore me?! GGRR why do I have to be the responsible one all the time? My mom called to ask for a favor, I'm sooo sick of people asking for favors, why don't they just ask my sister.

Well take care all, we're working on lunch so I'll call her after we're done.


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