another day another dollar?

Published August 23, 2007 by sadistickitten

Last night, after I got offline I didn't getting bored so Tony and I wanted to go out. Went to Kohl's, at first Tony wanted to get another hardware item for his computer since his is stupid but it would be stupid at the prices that they have so he'll stick it out with his for now. I wanted to go to Target but they didn't have jeans on sale plus I don't have my 2 other gift cards from there yet so I didn't see the point of using my 10 dollar one if I don't have that one yet. I'd rather wait til I have all of them before going there.

At Kohl's, I ended up getting 2 jeans and a dressy shirt. I am thrilled to pieces about the jeans, as if you know me you'll remember how much I am very picky with the jeans. I don't want “fat jeans” or even “mom jeans” which makes me look like I'm not even trying at all. I looked in the women's department but they had only ones that looked like something my mom or sis would wear *ICKY*

Then I looked in the juniors and theirs was a bit too young for me, then I checked out the misses/juniors (looked more like misses but that's just me) and those looked the best for me and they fit perfectly! After Kohl's, we checked out Best Buy's and come to find out someone knew Tony there. That guy knows EVERYONE I swear. ^_^ Andrew (the guy Tony knows) was talking to us about his wife now and he's been with her for as long as we've been together (Tony and me) I think they were married around the same time too.

How odd huh?! *LOL* Talked with him for a while then we left and went to friendly's since we hadn't eaten supper yet. Tony knew him for roll on days when he used to go all the time which of course he barely goes anymore. Then Andrew mentioned that he remembered Tony talking about being with me back then. I was like that was a long time ago. ^_^

Tony mentioned that he's going to roll on on Friday because going to play paintball every weekend and using up a box of paintballs is pretty expensive. So he's going to try and work out by going rolling skating every other week. Andrew said he might just go there friday because his wife and him have been wanting to go. I wasn't going to go with Tony but I think tha tI actually might go now because I am curious to see what his wife looks like. Oh and get this, the guys a military man working on going into the…POLICE. He's taking police enforcement in the national guard!!!

I almost fell over when he said that because this guy is our height and he's not bad looking, the only problem is with his name *LOL* OH and get this, he moved to SC but often went to NC a lot because he was only a walk from NC. I mean how odd is that?! I soo want to go down there more now due all that he said about the place and how he loves it there but had to come back due to his father geing sick. Whoa, small world!

Ended up seeing a hot guy there *wink* rugged good looks, muscular, and he was wearing a ball cap (did I ever tell you that I like guys with ball caps?) and he kept flirting with me and looking over at me. Really boosted my self esteem got to tell you! I was like YAY I'm still attractive to the opposite sex. 😀 Makes an old gal like me psyched. Tony does't care, he's not the jealous type he's secure in his abilities that he knows that nothing would happen but still made me feel good.

Well today I ended up getting up early again due to having to pee plus princess was kneeding my arms with her claws which wasn't exactly nice but it was rather cute ^_^ I later saw him curled up next to Tony's left side she was almost falling off the bed which was kind of cute yet dangerous too. She's not what you'd call a gracious cat, she mostly doesn't realize she's going to fall off the edge and then forgets to put her feet down silly her. She's never hurt because it's never from very far but still.

Ended up getting up and did my exercises then headed to do stuff online. Tony took a nap for a little while so did I, he got up before me took a shower and got dressed. Worked on having lunch then went over my parents' house to drop off the computer which is freshly reinstalled since the hard drive seemed to be fried on the old one. Tony ended up giving one of his to my parents.

After dealing with my insane mother (god I can't stand that woman, talking to her once is enough for me but I had to talk with multiple times a week so it's killing and I have to talk to her tomorrow *rolls eyes*), came back home and I wrote to pen pals. I finished another letter (had the one for Jennifer already out there and they took it ^ ^ early) for pamela and it went out with the mail that came later in the day (today it came around 3pmish which letter it came at like 1pm big difference). I just finished Liana's letter and now that's 3 letters that I need to write to YAY ♥ that means soon I'll be able to play some sims and read my book plus make up my scrapbook for vegas trip. 😀 Liana, your letter will go out tomorrow might rain tonight like it did last night so I don't want it to get ruined.

I still have a tickle in my thought, I think I'm starting to get a cold or something due the weather being warm during the day (or at least semi warm with some chill) to night time being cold and needing a lot of blankets. It's really rather frustrating. I just can't wait for fall to officially come that way I won't have to get a sore throat or feel like shit in the day and night.

Well I'm off to take a shower, I feel icky right now and sweaty as hell. take care all, have a good night. I think tonight I'll actually read some of my book. I need a break from letters right now wrote like 3 of them in the past few days.

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