Published August 23, 2007 by sadistickitten


The time is quickly approaching for The 6th Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon and I’m asking you, fellow bloggers, to help spread the word and/or volunteer your time!!  For the past 5 years the The Boobie-thon has raised more than $35,000 dollars for charity!!  Help us make this years event even bigger! 

If you are interested in volunteering your time for this great event, please get in touch with me.

We are in need of the following help:

(copied from Robyn’s post last year)

1. People who can record donations in real-time (you’ll get pledge amounts and names / e-mail addresses e-mailed directly to you during 2-3 hour shifts and will then pass along your data to the donation coordinator at the end, which will be added to our donation totals and donor names pages on the site)

2. People with Photoshop experience to edit submission photos (sorry but guys edit guy submissions – girls edit girl submissions – no crossovers for safety-reasons – even though the guys whine about this not being fair every year) – then you’ll pass these photos along to photo coordinators.

3. Schedule coordinators for donations and photo editors to help fit the volunteers into the daytime, evening and overnight shifts that work best for them – requires making the schedules and sending out shift-reminders.

4. Donation coordinators responsible for collecting all donation records from donations editors and posting donor lists and donation totals to the site at least 3-4 times per day

Please post this on your blog and help get the word out!  We want to make this year bigger than ever before and with your help we can!  Thank you for your help and continued support! 


I participated in this last year,  that's the picture that I posted in it.  This year, I plan on making a better picture I saw so many neat looking ones that I wanna try that with mine.  No faces do they use so I have to cut off my face but still cool to see mine up there.  It's not a new picture of me since I did it late, there's no link either but there will be this time.  

Please participate even if it's a picture of boobs, or at least give money it's an important cause!


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