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Published August 20, 2007 by sadistickitten

I'll start first with the update then I'll get into the interwebs drama (something Tony always says to me when I tell him about drama that's going on with me even when it's not online *rolls eyes*) later on in the post ok?  So we've been busy!!!

This week as well as last, I've been doing my best to write back to pen pals.  Right now, I have a few more to write but I haven't gotten any letters in the mail in the past few days so that helps ^_^ I've been trying to get a letter out once a day but not every day unfortunately.  

We gave Princess a bath and MAN is she ever soft ^_^ I mean she was always soft but now she's softer than ever!!  I cleaned the shower and the tub finally man did it need to get done, it needed to get done before we went away to Vegas but I just didn't have the time with everything that we were doing.

Friday, went out to get stuff for 30th party for Tony's friend from high school since they weren't doing gifts they were only having you bring food for the party.  We bought cookies, hamburgers, buns, drinks all for them but we brought back the drinks and didn't even bring all of them.

I also got in the mail fedex overnight by the way, a notebook that I was told to fill out (never got the first email about it) and send back to them by this friday (this week) the 24th and I later found out that they were going to give out a check for 75 dollars if you returned it back to them by Friday or sooner so then I was hauling ass to get it done.  I got it done tonight by the way so it'll go out tomorrow ^_^  That is why the pen pal letters have been sooo behind lately, is because I have been busy paying attention to this notebook becuase I want it out by tomorrow and not late.  So it's like my homework and been trying to get it done asap.

The party…

The party on Saturday was the party and I was thinking it was going to be boring because I didn't know anyone.  We got there a bit early and I was actually thinking about backing out of it at the last minute but I ended up going anyways.  We had a good time, we had hamburgers instead of the pork that everyone else was having.  I like ham and stuff but I don't care for pork whatever it was.  We played volleyball but I'm not the type of person who is perfect at playing that game.  I didn't do so well and I had flash backs from high school, which was terrible.  But after awhile I felt better in my skin and better about myself so I did start to play better.

Played volleyball for quiet some time and I got better but from time to time I did fuck up majorly.  :0( I'm a girl what do you want from me?  I didn't know that we were going to keep count of things and make it so proper and shit.  I thought it was going to be a casual game without keeping score.  I do bettter at water volleyball, I played that with Alison when I was younger a lot. It's easier to get the ball that way because there's water all around you ^_^ Oh well, I tried and guys were really nice about it encouraging us to do better next time.  That was nice and I have good serves not very good hits.  It's usually too tall for me and I get sooo easily distracted and then screw up.  We stayed for awhile after that and even Tony played some basketball.  

Came back to my mother being a bitch on the answering machine DEMANDING I might add you, to give her the disc or some shit about her computer needing to be fixed.  I was like excuse me?!  THREE fuckin' messages from her saying stuff ggrrr I hate hearing that woman once so hearing her more than once makes me want to scream and just pull my hair out.  I didn't call her after that I was just too exhausted from being outside and doing volleyball so I instead watching 300 with Tony.  It wasn't as good as they said but it wasn't terrible either.

Ended up not being able to sleep last night and then read the rest of HP book FINALLY so next letters will be of that book talk that all the other pen pals have been talking about ^_^ I apologize for taking so long to read it but with everything that's been going on with all the letters to write and not being able to sleep at night (stupid stuff that I talked out with Tony and I'm ok now) then not sleeping right at night aka sleeping wrong, I hadn't felt like writing or reading much lately at all.  

On a side note:

My hair's growing back nicely ^_^ which is cool because I really want it to be longer soon.  It should be longer by the fall so that's good.  Oh also to let my pen pals know, since I live here I am not too sure where to get postcards for my area, so if anyone knows where I can look or get them from for the pen pals that collect them, I'd greatly appreciate it.  The only that I've found are the ones in Hot Topics and they're not from my area they're just labyrinth and things.  

Made shephard's pie and had to walk to the store to get milk.  Tomorrow I'll work on another letter plus I mailed out Marie's (it was too big to put in the mailbox here or the one that I tried and then I realize that I could turn it on the side and put it in so I apologize if yours comes later than it normally does, they only pick this one up 2 times a week) package, I also will mail out the fedex package tomorrow so it'll get there in 2 days time. I have to do the laundry, get stuff from the store and see my parents to figure out what's wrong with the computer. Plus I guess my dad's got some stuff for me when I talked to my mom on Sunday after they called later on in the day, I called them back (we always have our machine down) and they told me that.  I lied and said that Tony was sleeping but I'd talk to him because he hates it when I make decisions for him and not ask him/talk about it with him BEFORE making final decisions.

There was this whole mishap that happened online, it's ok now all done and over with but let's just say that I got upset about something that I clearly had no right getting upset over and took things too personal..which got me too emotional (which tends to happen from time to time as I'm sure others know being a woman and all).  But it's ok now, things have resumed to normal and we're ok.  ^_^

Well I'm going to try to play some sims 2, take care all and I need to distress tonight.  *huggles* I'm currently now reading “the starter wife” becuase I want to get the dvd that comes out soon through netflix of the show that they had on usa.  I will return to princess diaries soon!

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