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Published August 16, 2007 by sadistickitten

Yesterday during the day we didn't do too much at all.  We've been watching family guy from netflix and Tony's even been watching episodes of Friends with me because I watched tons of episodes of Babylon 5 in a row so he figured he owes me.  ^_^ It's nice, and there's material for him as well.  We did go to walmart to pick up a few things for the house because we needed stuff and had to get a bigger envelope for Marie's gift ^_^ because the other one wouldn't fit it.  It's ok I can always use that for something else no worries.  Then back here for a little while, got ready for the poker event/tourney at Forty's bar in Leominster.  Tony was expecting the place to be all ritzy and stuff but I knew it was going to be like the guy said a bar.  So yah, it was filled with skum bags and low lifes, and losers.  I felt like the odd girl out because I was the only young girl there (plus I look like I'm 18 or something) and the only pretty one too.  Felt good for self esteem but what do you want in a bar?!  

Played for some guy who's only gone there once before and I got taken out by a true eeyore.  So last night, I went to 100 acres woods with a bunch of characters there and no I'm not saying that I was better than them but I didn't comfortable there.  I felt like at any moment someone was going to take me and hurt me (aka rap me) that's how the place felt to me.  I felt trapped and very much out of my element.  After being out, I had brought with me HP book as well as a few letters to reply to but since there was tons of people standing around watching, I didn't want anyone to read what I was writing so I decided to read instead.  I got pretty far in HP too but I'll never go back there again.  Tony's going to play the tourneys when it comes around in the fall.  It's completely free and you can win a cruise so he wants to see if he can win it.  He had a lot of people call his good hands and get wicked ass lucky in the end.  I couldn't take it, I could never play poker full time gotta say.

So…let's see, since getting my new mouthguard, I've been sleeping MUCH better ^_^ I'm not totally used to it yet but at least I am sleeping much better and not waking up with my mouth feeling weird ( I was using the correct mouth guard for night that makes a HUGE difference) anyhoo, I am doing better and it's no longer rubbing up against my mouth.  I'm soo happy about that.

Things have been much better with my computer since I reinstalled everything, feels good to purge stuff after awhile too.  Start fresh and new, I'm still working on getting my sims back but it'll take a little while since I just got them into a new house I also changed their jobs a bit higher, every other day I do that because I want to get the top sooner.  

Other than that, I've been writing letters.  I hope to get another one out tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll be able after all we did go out tonight.  The rest of the day was basically chillin' at home and relaxing.  I got a bunch more letters ^_^ it's good yet bad because now I feel rushed and pushed but I'll do my best as always.  Just a heads up, some penpals might not get their letters.  What do I mean?!  I go a few letters back and I sent more stamps, etc. but others I sent out I NEVER recieved back and they told me that they haven't recieved them.  I apologize if the post office lost your letters but I have no control over that.

Most of the day, I've been working on writing up a journal for a place that I do stuff for.  I think it's to know their panelist better it's been fun at times and annoying at others.  That's another reason why I've been so behind with letters, it needs to be back to them by next friday but I want it to go out on Wednesday (they sent a fedex envelope 2 day delivery) so it'll get there sooner.  And in case something happens beyond my control.  That's why I have been so behind I apologize but I could get points and win something and it needs to be back by Wednesday so I've been focusing on getting that done.  It's like an assignment if I was in school again.  But I'm taking a break from for a little while.  Plus I have 2 assignments left to do in my notebook and it's pretty damn easy so no problem getting it done.

Tonight, went out shopping ^_^ only because I wanted to see about getting my HK watch fixed.  For some reason (I tell you I have THE worst luck with watches and I LOVE this watch soo very much), the watch isn't working.  I got a new battery AGAIN and we couldn't get the damn thing to open 😦 both of us tried and TRIED but couldn't open the back of it.  Went to the watch shop to get it fixed and they said that I'd need to get a new charger for it because the battery is fine *rolls eyes* of course it is.  Took them NOTHING to open it up ggrr that pissed me off right there.  They said it would cost 25 dollars to get another one put in so I decided no because it only cost about 20 bucks and could just buy another one instead.  So that's what we did after we left there.  

Went to Friendlys' to have supper and shared a hamburger plus FINALLY used our free sundae coupon that we got from Friendly's ice cream ^_^  IT was really good and we worked out exactly what we wanted to get and I got my peanut butter sauce (god I wish that I could buy that stuff at the grocery store) YAY.  Headed to Kaybee toys because from the window, I saw a few HK items that I wanted to look at.  I bought a few things that I'll post in a few.  Then we heade to Claire's to pick up the watch again, didn't see anything else that I wanted to get.   After claire's, went to CVS to pick up a few magazines for Tony since he was running low in the bathroom.  Then went to Hot Topics and I got the HK planner ^_^ I couldn't help it I HAD to buy it, it's just too damn cute!!  Plus I can always use it for next year when I need it right?

Walked around the mall and I stopped into JCP waiting for Tony.  I ended up getting 2 dressy shirts that I can wear casual or with something dressy like dressy pants ^_^ so I'm thrilled about that!  I'm always looking for a dressy top to wear so these are PERFECT!!!   And they were like 75 % off so it's like I bought one and got the other one free!!!  YAY!  It sounds like I bought a lot but I used cash, well only on JCP because I thought it'd be more than it was oh well.  Only 15 on my credit card not bad at all.  ^_^ YAY go me!!!!



also the stuff that I bought off reduced when I bought the gift for Marie:
HK keychain: bought @ kaybee toys, it was 25% off!!!!!!!!!!!

HK hot topic planner: back
replacement watch
 ^_^ it was on sale 25% off!!!!!!!  @ kaybeetoys!



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