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Published August 14, 2007 by sadistickitten

I really don't feel like writing too much but I thought that I'd update on a few things. I'm extremely tired guess all the sex, cleaning and giving Princess a bath yesterday wore me out. Plus my ass is sore (and no I don't like that sort of thing so it's NOT that. I have issues with that, I won't get into it but others whom really know me know why) from all the cleaning and giving her a bath. It's only one butt cheek but still.  I know that others have written entries and I will get to them later for now I need to relax, it's been a long 2 days.  I'll read them tomrrow ok?  Before we leave!

Slept in late again, not as late as Tony expected though but late enough. Took me awhile to get things together with my daily routine because Tony wanted to go for a walk and even though I was exhausted and sore, I knew that I had to go because that was the right thing to do.

Play some sims 2 and I'm almost back to where I was, I just need to get a few more things worked out. This morning, I woke up with some pain due to my mouth piece not being the right one to wear at night. So, I begged Tony to go to walmart and he said no. So finally, I begged him just to go to Brooks which is just a bit away from us not as far as Walmart and he said yes.

Stopped at Brooks where Marne works, didn't see her there and found no mouthguards my size. Headed to CVS on Liana's suggestion about getting a CVS pharmacy generic one. And luckily, they had ONE left (that was close huh?). Bought it and saved 5 dollars getting CVS compared to the regular brand (thanks again Liana) and I did what the instructions said and I LOVE it. It fits far more comfortable than the one that I had been using (which since I have thrown out). I LOVE that it's 100 percent guarantee that if I have a problem, I can go back and exchange it or get my money back. How awesome is that?! SO I can't wait to use it tonight. It was SOO easy to get it work right compared to what I had to do with the one that I was using. *shakes head* At least I've got it now!

Haven't been reading HP because I've been trying to keep up with my letters but I'm not going crazy on them. Just trying to make sure that I get at least 1 of them out every day. I did get one out for today, I just need to see about finishing Ashley's but I'm not sure becuase I'm extremely exhausted if I will be able to.

That's all I bought, however I did look at the reduced section at Brooks and ONLY at the mouth guards at CVS so I'm pretty proud of myself ^_^ We're going to walmart tomorrow to pick up other things that we need and a bigger mailer envelope for Marie's gift since the other one that I bought is far too small 😦 oh well, it happens.

This weekend, we're invited to a party for Tony's friend. We're going ^_^ they've got a pool so we'll be able to go swimming while we're there and yes I will go because it'll be in pool that won't have kids or people having diseases and stuff so I won't catch anything. You say, you can't catch anything from a pool but you'd be surprised. Anyways, it should be fun!! I can bring my HK pirate messenger bag with me to put all my summer stuff in it. HK beach towel, dress to wear after being in the pool, swim suit, change of clothes just in case, suntan lotion (wear that before and after I get out), HK purse, camera, and something of food item. It should be fun ^_^ I can't wait.

Tomorrow we're heading to a bar that has FREE poker tourneys. Tony called the place already and set it up. I might even play poker but just in case I plan on bringing my book, letters and stuff just in case I either don't play or get taken out and have to sit around waiting for Tony to finish. He (the guy that runs it) has loads of prizes that you can win too so it should be a good time.



 with new stuff that I made recently for Marie to look at plus for others to request if they'd like. It's been pretty dead lately but that's because of my pen pals that keep me pretty busy but I plan on promoting it soon to get more active members and stuff. Just be sure to read the rules before requesting!

Other than that, I've been writing letters and playing sims. Well take care all. I gotta get going I'm exhausted.




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