Published August 12, 2007 by sadistickitten

I saw that others have written entries and I read a few of them but not all because I need to get to writing my letters, I'm soo far behind on them.  I just got a few in 2 days but still I haven't written to anyone yet.  Well just about everything is finished with installing/updating on my computer, I just need to get my sims as well as a few other things up to the way it used to be.  

So far, (*knocks on wood*) things are better and that fixed my problem so that makes me super happy.  I still have to update my Ipod which I haven't done because it took a while uploading/installing everything that I just didn't have the patience to do that just yet but that'll be done tomorrow.

I put up a new layout because my old one was driving me nuts. I hate having the same layout for too long.  Plus I'm working on putting up a new layout for my myspace.  Because the other one was a bit old, I tend to get bored very quickly!

Well got to go now, I'll update tomorrow!


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