HK contest

Published August 11, 2007 by sadistickitten

I just thought I'd let everyone know that I have reinstalled everything back on to my computer, ok maybe not EVERYTHING but mostly everything so if you don't see me til Monday or Tuesday you'll know why.  Knocks on wood (does so), seems like everything is better and acting better.  This time I will NOT make any mistakes again doing what I did last time, I have learned my lesson well.  

Ok back to the contest,

for anyone whom wants to participate I will giving them my rest of my LJ paid time.  Anyone who wants to participate can AND for those who do participate you won't be sorry, you will still recieve something.  A runners up, etc. everyone will get something no matter what you send.  But the person who sends the BEST Hello Kitty item will get the FULL paid LJ time.  I am giving everyone 4 months to fulfill this contest.  SO you have from today til December 11th (which is a bit after my birthday) 2007.  Now if you'd like to participate, you do NOT have to tell me.  You can just send out the package to my address (if you would like it, let me know and I'll provide it for you in an email).  

So that's 4 months to get ALL your HK item(s) to me before the end of the contest.  

Good luck and happy hello kitty shopping!  

Oh!  Right, for ideas about what I want or would like; I have a wishlist at that I will send to you via email (please leave your email address below if you'd like to see what I have).  Or I can send you what I've got on my amazon list.  '

Here are some things that I love and collect:
~hello kitty pens
~hello kitty stationary
~hello kitty stickers
~hello kitty paper
~anything HK from hot topics
~anything HK from claire's
~hello kitty earrings, necklace, braclets, etc.
~hello kitty calendars
~hello kitty markers
~hello kitty stamps
~hello kitty purses
~hello kitty bags

Places to check out:

I can give you my personal wishlist on all of those sites, just need your email address.  

Well good luck all and ANYONE can participate.  No matter what you WILL get something for your efforts.


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