Published August 10, 2007 by sadistickitten

I need some help!  I have this friend, and pen pals (warning anyone whom can read this it is NOT about you) that in the past, we've had a few problems before.  You might remember the problem that I had with her before with her icons being rude to me and all.  Well normal pen pals write to each other one a normal basis right?  Well I haven't heard from her in MONTHS and it's almost a year.

He “claims” that she's busy with work and that things are just crazy in her life right now.  But if I was important to her, don't you think she'd make time to write me back?!  No matter how many pen pals she's got or what, you'd think if I was important to her she'd still keep writing right?  Well she hasn't even bothered to reply to my comments on myspace either.  Although, I have lost my love for myspace really.  I don't go there much, I am more here or facebook.

But still, I'm wondering if maybe there is something about me that she doesn't like anymore.  She hasn't updated her LJ in soo many months and I'm trying to decide if I should just take her off my list and not expect to get anything from as a pen pal and just get another one.  What do you think?  

Another problem…

I just recieved a letter from a pen pal and they totally insulted me which I'm sure she had NO clue that I feel this way but still.  What I'm talking about is this, she wrote that she can't stand HP.  I know what you're thinking, it's just a character to her right?  Well to me Harry Potter is a lot like me without the magic powers.  What do I mean?  He grew up being treated like crap and dealing with being the slave so yah I completey don't know what to do.  She said some vicious things about HP that I'm rather offended by what she said about it all.  It's like saying that you can't stand or something.  I know she didn't exactly say that and all.  But still, it was rather offensive to ANY HP fan really.  I would NEVER say that and she knows that I like HP so for her to say that it's like how rude you know?  So what should I do about her?

Should I just get 2 new penpals?  Just curious what you think?


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