read a bunch but I have far more to go!

Published August 8, 2007 by sadistickitten
I've download firefox because that's the ONLY way that my layout that I just got works 😦 but that's ok, it seems to work better with firefox LJ that is, then with IE! weird huh?

I've read some entries here but I haven't read a lot, I will get to more of them later or tomorrow.  I need a break, been reading so much that my brain hurts does anyone know what I mean?  I don't want to be like “sweet, have a good day” and be generic so I'll read it when I can later.

So…let's see, my computer's been fuckin' up a lot lately and Tony tried his damnest to figure the problem but unfortunately my computer just won't let him know what's wrong.  He has he doesn't think it's my fault, god I hope not.  I just hope that it is ok soon or we might have to reinstall everything which means I'll have to be out of commission on here for a few days and IF that happens, I'll write on my laptop instead that way I'll still keep in contact with you guys and read there as well.  Hope it doesn't come to that but in case it does I'll be ready ^_^ really good that we've got the laptop just in case though.  Tony's going to try his best to figure out the problem with my computer so hopefully we don't have to do it all over again.

Yesterday I was being silly and I was playing with Tony, I accidently (because we all know me) broke the lamp that was on Tony's side of the bed 😦 stupid and silly me huh?  I didn't mean to it was totally an accident.  So I told if we went to Target tonight to get another lamp that I'd buy him a new night stand (he wanted one, was hinted at it and I was like fine I'll do that, but I drew the line when he wanted everything else too). 

Ate at TGIFriday's before we went to Target.  We had been there once before, we still haven't gone to Olive Garden that's right there but we will do that soon.  We just went in the mood for pasta then but maybe next time.  At Target, I picked some HK items (won't say exactly what they are because I have photos of them ^_^) that I wanted and because I never noticed them there before odd huh?  No I did notice that they HK items, just not the ones that I bought.  I got some cute night stands, ended up getting 2 of them to match because we had mismatch ones before I hated it.  I like having things match, looks ghetto when they're not the same you know?

Today was a hot and humid day 😦 so we didn't do too much.  Our mail even sucked but I did sent out a letter to Kristy, working on Colleen's letter right now.  I just haven't finished it yet.  I will soon, just need to take breaks from writing letters because it's sooo damn hot today.  I feel like I've been dieing all day plus add my period into the mix, it's just very extremely hot for me.

Well that's about it, felt like I had more to talk about but I guess not.  Ordered a 3 ring binder because my other one is like over 20 years old from an old friend and when I look at it, I think of her and I don't care for that.  Plus, it's all ripped to pieces, it's all apart and I had to take it to put it together.

Under the cut is also the lapdesk that came in the other day with my gc purchase ^_^  Sorry some of them are smaller but LJ was being stupid with uploading them.

here's the nightstand's and the lamp:


Off to watch some pokah!


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