Can't believe he broke it!

Published August 6, 2007 by sadistickitten

On Saturday, was something!!  I ended up calling my parents to find out what time they were planning on coming down here to drop off the desserts for us.  Talked about coming here around 6pm, so we got stuff done before that.  They showed up before 6pm and we talked about different things mom gave me something.  It was a bag that had HK all over it saying “thank you” and I opened it up and it was a HK keychain and a small pen in the shape of HK plus it was a pen.  I'll post pictures after this or what it looks like so you'll know what I'm talking about.  They got it at the lancaster flea market, they said there's a booth with a guy that sells it.  The whole table was FILLED with HK things and they said that they'd maybe take me to it on Sunday but it didn't happen but I let them know that next time they go to there I'd love to come ^_^.

Talked about a few things and I gave my dad his tshirt because the one that I got for him for father's day was a bit small for him, I got him a large this time because the medium was a bit too small for him and didn't it want to shrink in the wash.  He tried to ask me for the cash for it but I took some money from Tony already to pay for it since it's really a joint account expense and all.  My dad broke our toilet!  That's right, he was trying to flush it and it broke!!  I couldn't believe it, it broke.  They were heading to walmart after they left to get a few things so they said that they'd pick us up a new handle (it snapped in half) when they get there.  My dad got a really nice one for us too, let's just hope that it stays ok because we've replaced it like a few times already.  

Came back a few hours later and got us kay's ice cream vanilla and chocolate (my favorite is creamsicle and vanilla but that's ok) for the both of us.  I ate at like 7pm that night because I wasn't hungry (I normally NEVER eat that late but I wasn't hungry before they came) til then and ate half the ice cream because it was sooooo yummy ^_^ I should've just eaten it all but I had too many sweets already that day.  I really got the feeling that they once again don't care for my sister too much again.  They said that she never has time for them anymore and that they have to make plans with them months ahead of time.  Plus, with my mom giving me those HK items, really seems like they are not so mean to me anymore.  Hell, my mom NEVER would've done that before if they were all in love with Malinda.  YAY!  I have their respect back.  Maybe it's because of that other week, I don't know but I feel as if that's why.

That night, for whatever reasons I couldn't sleep.  No matter what I did, I couldn't sleep!!  I tried everything to sleep but it wouldn't work.  I ended up finally waking up around 11pm or 12am (Tony had to get up early for paintball on Sunday because it was an early game for charity) but I didn't get out of bed yet.  I just lay there relaxing plus princess came in to annoy me for a little while too so yah hard to sleep when a cat is on your chest you know?  Purring and being oh so cute yes but still very annoying.

Tony got up a little bit after that and we ended up going on our computers.  We were up til he left for paintball which was like 5am and then I went back to bed.  I didn't wake up til he came home (ok a few times to pee) and having princess meowing at the door (stupid earplugs aren't working because I never should've heard her) then want some love from me well that didn't help either.  So that's why I was tired.  

Got up for a while and did stuff.  Then I was too tired to do much so I just relaxed.  Went to bed then woke up today at like 1pm.  Didn't go much on the computer just to check email and enter contests.  I just haven't felt like reading blogs lately, I am sorry but I will get to them sometime soon.  I think I just a short break from LJ right now.  I do check in once and awhile to see what's new, check out my friends page but I don't read anything just see who's written then I leave.  So I will be taking a short break/hiatus.  We all need them from time to time, yes you are *mm ^_^

I have other stuff to write about, like what we did today but I'm too exhausted to talk about it.  It's been a long day I'll write a blog entry tomorrow.  Take care all!

the bag I got it in
HK keychain
 keychain that's a pen ^_^
it's a pen ^_^

what I like about these is that they're interesting looking HK items.  Things that you wouldn't see at other places that's why I like them.  They look vintage to me ^_


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