yesterday was so far away…

Published August 3, 2007 by sadistickitten

Finally slept better last night than I have in awhile ^_^ which is good.  I still keep sleeping wrong however and end up making myself sore in the morning.  But I'm still a bit tired due to waking up too early this morning, this heat is not very friendly to sleep conditions.  I mean yes I have a brand new fan thanks to Tony but still with my period and all, it really makes you still rather hot.

Title is just because it came into my head, has no significant meaning to it at all.  I figured it's been awhile since I've done a real update so here it is.  ^_^ Like I said, went to see my mom to figure out her problem with her computer plus drop off the stuff that we had for them.  Well after being there and burning a cd, there was NO problem what so ever.  Tony gets all angry by this and mad but the thing is, that's my mother for you.  You can't take it to heart it's just how she is. She makes up things that aren't really true.  That's time that I'll never get back!  I swear that's why I say my mom has gone crazy or insane and we just don't fully know it yet.  She's on way too many meds for her own good, that should affect things in her brain after awhile. Ok enough about my mother.

Other than dealing with my mom the other day, we also finally got the car washed at the mr mike's gas station since the one in gardner always has like 20 cars (no lieing either, and this is also in the middle of the day when you'd THINK that people should be working) waiting so we'll be going to Ashburnham one from now on since after all, they're not as busy or as big of a town as gardner.  I miss Ashburnham, how small that it is and all that stuff, so I'll be loving moving to NC.  I used to want to live in a city but after living here with way too many people than this city can handle I want some place where there's less people.

Went to Petco the other day and picked up her cat food (which was on sale), calcium treats, and frontline plus.  While we were there, we stopped by the bunnies.  ^_^ ok we looked at all the animals, can't do that at our vets.  And Tony fell in love with the bunnies, he actually was thinking about getting one of our very own but I knew it would take more room than we've got right now and we're not prepared for one either.  Maybe in the future in NC we can get one.  I actually want a kitten rather than a bunny, shhh don't tell Tony that.  *lol*  

After we went in there, we headed over to the hallmark store/the paper store to see if they had any HK/Sanrio items new in (or just look at them, since after all I just bought a bunch of HK items from and come to find out, they got rid of it all.  That made me sooo sad and upset because since they did, they had to get rid of their old stock which means, they had to have a big sale to get rid of them.  Even when I told my mom, she was like they should've announced it in the paper I would've went down there with your dad or had your dad pick up a few (my dad works at shaw's which is right in that plaza).

After being disappointed, walked down to barnes and noble.  I saw a few books but yet once again, I just bought a shitload online and I really should be buying ANY more til I've finished at least 2 or 4 more because I have too much as it is.  Tony bought a magazine while he was there but that's about it, he doesn't care about any new poker book since they're really expensive the ones that he gets that is.  I'll go back to Princess diaries series after I'm done with HP, I'm on chapter 13 so I'm getting there ^_^ slowly but getting there.

I wrote to Melissa today and it'll go out with tomorrow's mail because I needed a few days to myself and I was too hot last night to write to anyone.  GOD, this computer room is soo freakin' hot I totally wish that we could get an a/c maybe but our windows won't allow us. đŸ˜¦ 

Earlier, went to the sidewalk sale but it was really a waste of time.  It was a good walk but I did see a few shirts that I could've bought but I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it.  It was boston (for the red sox) saying 2/20 you can pick & chose what you'd like to get but after I bought a lot lately I really need to stop buying stuff so I am very proud of myself for not getting anything lately.  

We're supposed to get some thunderstorms/rain tonight and god do we need it.  I can't wait, I just hope that it'll help make it cooler in here because I am dieing!!!!!  How's everyone else? Is it still hot there?!  I can't wait til NC where they'll be central a/c and it'll be MUCH cooler no matter where we go in the house. 

WHOA!  I just noticed that this is filled with drama or at least complaining, I am sorry.  I guess I'm that way right now due to the heat.  I just feel like crap right now and I'm hoping the change in weather will help.  Ordered pizza earlier from marco's yummy ^_^ haven't eaten anything for supper yet and I don't think that I will, after it being so hot and I think that I ate too much for lunch I don't feel like eating anymore.  Plus, I had a bad reaction to the pizza (very rarely happens) so I think I'll just have something light or nothing at all.  Sure now I'm wanting an apple and we don't have *lol* looks like I'll have to put it on our grocery list.

Tomorrow we're “supposed to” see my parents because they want to drop off something that they had over there (dessert of some sort) for us.  My mom was going to do it today but she's got some sort of a cat scan that she's going to.  Not sure when she'll get done with it either.  My dad's coming home early tonight for some reason too.  Not holding my breath for them to come over.  

Well other than that, nothing else is going on.  Take care all.



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