things are changing

Published August 1, 2007 by sadistickitten

Feeling better than the last post that I made.  It was just that everything was happening all at once and my period has a tendency of making me feel very emotional over things that I wouldn't even bat an eye at before.  I am not the type of girl to start crying over one little thing but get me around my period I'm in tears so easily it's sick!!!!!!!!!!  

I still think that I'm better at making icons or blinkies than 3D artwork, maybe one of these days I'll get the whole scrapbooking thing.  Anyone want to help me out?!  ^_^ I need a tutor or something or just not a day where I am already frustrated.  That was because I had a lot on my mind at the time.  But I decided to write fiona back when I am not so edgy and stuff.  I did start it but I had to end it I didn't want to come out sounding like a bitch.

Last night before I went to bed, I played some battlefield 2 as well as read my book and I'm now in chapter 13.  I know that's not that much compared to how fast others read but for me that's good.  For something to take up that much time and I end up reading it, it's something.  Especially when you've got partial ADD like me, it's hard for you focus on one thing for a very long time & you get bored easier than most people.

I think I'm going to play some more battlefield 2 before I go to bed, but I made something first.  Let me know what you think, I might offer it as a freebie for my sadistic_treats commuinty.  It didn't save the way that I wanted and didn't realize it till after but I can make changes to it or start from scratch later.  Just tell me your idea(s)!

PS: marie, what did you want me to make you?!  Let me know what it is and I will make it for you, whichever ones that you want or all of them just need to know what!  I think you want all the ones that I made Jessica right?  I can do that!  It's the icon that I made for this post.  I know I need to fix the background the stupid thing didn't save the way I wanted with the brushes but like I said, that can be fixed.

Take care all and good night!

by babylove74


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