Published August 1, 2007 by sadistickitten

Ok so I made a payment with my paypal through, as I've already said and I got the half “off” code that they gave me, well I NEVER got refunded the money 😦 so she/he sent me an email saying that my order has been shipped.  So I checked my paypal account and I noticed I NEVER got my payment back, or at least refunded half of it.  

So I tell them that & they respond with “well that doesn't work with paypal only with a credit card” well I say it there wasn't anything said about that on the postcard that was sent out.  That fuckin' pisses me off, that's just so rude.  Granite, she did refund my money but now my account is on hold *rolls eyes* because it has to be transferred into my bank which takes 3-4 business days.  GGRRR If I had known it wouldn't have work with paypal, I NEVER would've payed that way and would've instead payed with my cc.  Wtf?  That's a terrible way of running a business!  Makes me not want to buy from them again!


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