man it's hot out there :(

Published July 30, 2007 by sadistickitten

It's the worst time to get your period, ok I don't have it yet but I do have all the signs.  So it's raising my tempature which doesn't help keeping a person cool.  But at least I am sitting by a fan, that helps.  Went to walmart (first to mcds to get another HK toy from mcds god I hate going in there all that work there are idiots sorry if you work there talking about mine not yours) and I got my fan ^_^ plus new glasses since mine were giving me a headache (too tight & it had no plastic thing on it) it's to help me when I read, told by others that I should be wearing them so to prevent me from wearing glasses later on in life.  Hope that works!

I got in my order from stickers galore today (YAY) and one is out of stock 😦 ggrr better get my $ back on that one.  I put all of Jessica's package together for her, I'm sure she'll love it all.  I went WAY overboard on her stuff as well as stickers for myself but now I'll be set for a LOONNGG time!!  It'll go out tomorrow since the mail came with the stickers galore in today's mail.  

Oh my mom called today *rolls eyes* and she was like “we were at the party saturday (no shit, I knew that the one that I wasn't invited to but my sister was mind you wtf?  And to console me my mother goes, “your cousin wasn't invited either” yes because that's the same wtf?) and then sunday we had a lot of rain” wtf does rain a lot of it have to do with picking things up?  I don't get my mom and the message she left she was like all bitchy and attitude towards me.  Wtf?  I'm doing THEM another fuckin' favor and this is what I get?  I shoudl've just given the tickets to a pen pal instead of their sorry asses since they don't appreciate it.

I'm currently on chapter 11 right now in HP ^_^ YAY go me, I was last on chapter 7 when last time I wrote in here and I'm really reading along very good now.  I'm really impressed I must say.  I am getting faster with my reading so I am very pleased with that.  Since I got a new letter in the mail, I am going to write her back before doing any graphics for anyone.  Or create a new graphic for my community, sorry I just hate to let it sit for a long time.  

I think since it's been hotter I won't be on here much this summer.  I will be reading harry potter and just relaxing.  I spend too much time behind the computer as it is.  I am sorry but I'll do my best to keep with everyone.  Take care all and have a good week!


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