a day of rest

Published July 29, 2007 by sadistickitten

That's exactly what today was for me, a day of resting.  I slept in til 1pmish but I woke up a few times thanks to Princess meowing at the day (I swear I'm having super human hearing lately even with my earplugs in, it's very odd) a few times which was a bit annoying I got some rest at least.  This weather being so hot as well as my allergies driving me crazy (yes I'm taking meds but apparently that's not working šŸ˜¦ stupid allergies) makes it hard for me to sleep.  

When I got up, I made mashed potatoes and chicken for us to have when Tony got home (figured after him playing paintball he'd need something warm to eat and it's been awhile since we've had a romantic dinner for the 2 of us) but when he did arrive, he cleaned his gun and got poed because it wasn't working for him so he had to hit it into the counter (yes he needs anger management and I've told him he better work on his issues because I don't like dealing with him like that, bad enough I lived with my parents when they'd yell and scream at me I don't need it in my house on my own) several times.  Which of course, now a part of it is broken, men!  

Anyhoo, I ate the meal by myself since he wanted to order something.  It really upsets me when I go through all that trouble and he doesn't care.  It just really hurts you know?  It feels like I shouldn't ever bother making anything for him since odviously he doesn't appreciate me or anything.  GGGRR later he apologized for his outburst and even kitty finally came from under his bedside table after a few hours.  She gets more scared than I do.  I love him but I hate how he has all this anger inside, I thought that paintball would help him but clearly that's not working.  Maybe when he goes to see the doctor that he can talk with him about it and see if there's something the doctor can do to help him out. 

No sign of my parents *rolls eyes* and my mom said “they'd stop by to pick up the tickets as well as the coupon for the resturant but clearly I'm not important.  They probably went to see Elizabeth and my sister instead since they're of course more important than I am.  After all, I am not the one who can have kids *rolls eyes* Sorry but I don't see what's so special when she had a kid.  It's not like she did open heart surgery.  I could have a kid if I wanted to but I'm not.  Ok I'm done with that.  Sorry just needed to rant there.

Worked on some new blinkies for a freebie soon but I still haven't figured it out yet.  I quiet a few to chose from but nothing that I really like enough to make as one.  maybe I'll look at my tubes and see what I can make up from there.  I did open the communities for others to post freebies in but no one's biting.  Oh well, at least I did open them even though they were never really closed.

Well I think I'm going to check out my tubes then read before the 4400 comes on.  Laters

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