Things i won’t miss….

Published April 9, 2015 by sadistickitten

There are a lot of reasons why I’m extremely excited to be away from this place.  I used to like it back when we first moved in here over 3 years ago.  However, like a new car it has lost it’s luster.  Now, the things that I used to like, or even enjoy about living here have become annoying.  Things that were ok to deal with, not that I liked it but dealt with it fine have now become super annoying and am beyond done with. Things that I didn’t know about till after it was too late to go back on are now the most annoying things ever.

Like what you ask?  Our landlord told us “these walls are super thick, you can’t hear anything on the other side of them” (HUGE lie, I can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in the other side of the split house) & I can hear conversations people are having outside because the walls are so thin.  It’s like I am outside with them because I can make out every word that they are saying.  That’s just gotten beyond annoying to deal with.  It would be ok if I didn’t hear them every day but I do, it’s almost non stop when they do talk outside. Whether they’re talking to someone on the phone or talking to their dogs (yes a crazy man who lives next to me talks to his dog expecting the dog to talk back to him), I just wish that I didn’t have to hear everything that goes on. And they’re not exactly quiet when they do talk either outside or even next to us inside their side of the place.  Nope, they talk like they are fifty feet from each other.



Former Landlord Bullshit

Published April 9, 2015 by sadistickitten

Moved out over a month ago, told my landlord in plenty of time that i would be leaving.  Gave her a month notice & left in 29 days.  I was told by her it was ok to leave whatever didn’t sell because & i quote “no one is living here for awhile because i wanna come over & look out the window”. She didn’t say that i could surrender anything to her, nor did she specifically say what could or couldn’t be left.  I was paid up for my last month there so no way did i need to add extra $ on. That’s her previous tenants not me.  They stayed over a month & gave her a couch & loveseat as collateral(which now I’m seeing a trend with her). 

Anyway, had moving sale & my parents showed up.  Ended up giving them things that we didn’t need anymore.  They left after awhile & drove home.  While living in that apartment, i endured showing (her ex made her put the house on the market to get his name off of it) with very little notice to no notice at all, tenants moving in & out of her old room (which was right on top of my whole apartment where i could hear everything including the last guy Steve having loud sex next door), emails from him complaining to her about our volume, or our shady Craigslist people.  Pretty petty & pathetic shit.  Yet not once did i email her about his volume, him blocking me in, how he slammed/knocked/threw stuff against our door etc.  Because unlike him, i knew it was stupid to do so.  I couldn’t watch a movie or TV show @ 4 or 5pm because to him it was too loud.  Dude, it’s evening not 8 or 9pm.

I did email her days, weeks, a month later when dealing with a previous tenant who was rather loud & obnoxious plus her child was even more so.  Lynn was her name.  She took what was supposed to be a month to move out, it took 4 months for her to leave.  All the while not keeping her volume down when our landlord claimed that she was told this. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t bother.  Because she often lied & would claim, i don’t h as ve her email or she changed her phone #.  She lived with her brother,  you couldn’t find out from him? Are you kidding me?

Then i move across country for work & i had to leave stuff behind because not everything got sold.  But i thought that was OK according to what was said to me.  Anyway, i waited & then notified her that i wanted my deposit back. She starts goibg on about some Bullshit that makes no sense,  it wasn’t in my lease.  30 days go by & i contact her again saying according to the law, 30 days has come & gone, you owe me my $ back.

She then started listing what she claims needed to get done & charges me for this or that.  Including removal of cat smell!   Are you kidding me?  There is an outdoor cat that peed on the doors outside way before i got cats. Then before i moved in, the last tenants had a few cats & let in the then 2 outdoor cats. So how is the cat smell on my tab?  Then she says I’m not being unreasonable & need to meet her half way.  Um it’s past 30 days by law, i can get DOUBLE the $ but instead I’m just asking for the original $ back. No more, no less.

Landlord are such assholes! I’m still waiting to hear back if she will take the offer or not.  Guess we shall see. 


Published January 16, 2015 by sadistickitten

OMG, since there was an article that came out & my friends got tagged now to start the drama all over again…. a girl made a group for it on Facebook.   Claiming no drama Lol Yeah right!  

I left that site because there were too many bitches being cunts. Mostly makers with a stick up their asses about not liking certain people.  Acting all high & mighty over it.  Dude, I could make graphics too but I didn’t act like a fucking twat about it.  Others made their shitty graphics selling them for $ & suckers would pay. Which is ridiculous when there is better graphics out there for free. 

I like Facebook because there are no graphics.  Don’t expect me ever going back.  There will always be 1 cunt to ruin it.  I’m older bow & going back there feels like going backwards.  I’m moving on in my life, I’m moving out if this state & to some place better. I’m sick of bitches & their drama. I also left Derby because of dumb ass bitches drama. 

I used to need comments on m y posts but now I don’t care I write for me. 

She Wins Again

Published January 10, 2015 by sadistickitten

   Last month, when my husband and I went to ma to celebrate christmas with my family.  If you read my last post, you wll remember that I wrote about How my sister couldn’t be bothered to come because that was the weekend she just had to get her meds fixed.  She had to go into the mental ward that day we drove down, it couldn’t be the week before nor the week after of course not because that just How selfish my sister is.

Anyway, after celebrating with my parents and getting the craptastic things that my sister got us I decided that I’m done.  To not even make time to come over when we drove 2 hours to see them she can’t be bothered.  Nor can she bother to have her own husband come down to celebrate with us.  Because that would be asking way too much.  But you ask them or my parents, it’s that Jason hasn’t worked in weeks, nope then it’s well Jason was working that day so he couldn’t come down. What is it?

I had a long talk with my parents after this saying that I wanted nothing to do with Malinda anymore.  That is no longer  a part of my life.  That if they respected me at all they wouldn’t bring her up nor annoy me with her.  A few weeks ago when it first happened, I thought that was the end of it. However,  just like my sister does she ruined that.  I asked How my niece liked her gifts when I called my parents (to ask about a sympathy card for a pet, where they got it).  My dad says you mean your sister???  No I mean How did my niece like her gifts, not How did my loser sister who’s a fucking brat and spoiled like her gifts. Not what I asked. 

Then my mom goes to tell me that she gave my sister my cell phone number and text number without even asking me prior.  She claims that she sent me a text and that she also called me and left a voicemail message for me.  No I didn’t get Any text nor voicemail from my sister because she lied to my parents saying that she did text me and call me.  What part dont they understand that is so hard for them to understand?  No I don’t want anything to do with my sister.  I don’t want her to have my cell number nor my text number but of course because my sister is their favorite, they respect her wishes and not mine.  I don’t care if she wants my email address or anything else of mine, you don’t give it to her.   You tell her another, but of course my mom being whom she is has to give to her.  I get zero respect from them.

Now I have to Write up a letter to my parents explaining that I do not want my sister to have my phone number, email address, new mailing address when we move (if they further piss me off, I’m completely OK with blocking them out of my life), nor my text number either.  I dont know why they are having such a hard time with respecting my wishes.  But they have zero issue with respecting malindas.  They respected hers enough that they had to screw me over.  They had to piss me off by bringing her up and giving her my contact info. I’m not a terrible bitch, I’ve tried over and over again to keep in contact with her.  To Write to her (she writes me a cue card saying hi), text her, call her but all have gone ignored.  I’m done putting myself out there for her.  Every relationship is 50 50, doesn’t matter what it is.  For Any relationship to work both people have to put themselves out there. 

My sister doesn’t want that contact with me.  Great, fine I’m OK with that.  She keeps pulling this shit with our parents, every few months saying I’ll contact her, sure what’s her number.  Oh sure I’ll do this or that just to get our parents off her back.  I don’t fold like she does.  I don’t lie to our parents just to make them Happy.  I won’t sit there telling them yes I called her already and left her a message.  If she did, I would have proof in my text apps and I don’t.  Because my sister ladies and gentlemen didn’t call me nor did she text me.  She has never and will never contact me. 

She did send me a thank you note in the mail.  God so fucking fake even my husband looked at it going really?  She’s just so fake.  She means nothing she says. She wrote some crap about How thank you so much, you spoiled us again we are grateful.  Rme. She doesn’t mean it and never will.  Shes a powerful manipulation person. I’m beyond pissed off that she would pull this shit again.  Trying to convince our parents that once again she’s the one putting the olive leaf out there and I’m not accepted it.  Your darn right, and I know by doing that she will once again look like the better daughter. The favorite but nothing will change that in my parents eyes.  The sun will always shine out of her ass no matter who tells them otherwise.  My own grandmother could come out of the grave and tell them what a cult of a daughter Malinda is and they would think she was talking about me.  Proving that once again, I’m not the favorite.  That I am once again put aside discarded and thrown away.  If they want us to get along, this isn’t the way to do it.  Forcing both of us to get along or talk will only further piss both of us off.  My sister is better at hiding it, she’s got better practice then I do.  She’s been doing it all her life and me just since I was in my late 20s.  I’m sorry that im a real person and some fake person.  I hate that I have to go through this again with my parents.  It’s getting really old.  If they can ignore me, make me the last person they bother with and bring her up all the time then I will just stop talking to them.  I will stop contacting them, letting their calls go to voicemail, ignoring their texts, etc. Hey they do this to me becuae my sister had an emergency that they had to attend to asap. 

An emergency that is always more important then anything that I have to say. If I was dying n the hospital, my sister would say she needs to be brought to the mental Ward becuaes she can’t handle my death.  Rme. Which will take my parents away from me to attend to her.  Because I’m going to die so what does it matter if they deal with their alive daughter.  Ugh. I feel so very unloved. 

They act like I don’t have Any stress in my life. That my life is perfect.  Nope it’s not.  Things go wrong, Tony has problems at work, but unlike my loser sister I just don’t advertise that to everyone.  I don’t Write a huge novel saying How much everything is bothering me unlike her.  I have a family who loves me, and I don’t mean my parents.  I mean my husband, and 2 cats.  They just as much of a part of my family as my husband is.  When I lost my last cat, I was upset and depressed.  I have to deal with showings, asshole next to me talking loudly on his damn phone (yet he knows that is How he got that room in the first place), him coughing when I say 2 words outloud and not text them to Tony instead. Yet he can talk loudly on his fucking phone??????  Yeah that seems right. I get zero respect from him, nor do I get respect from my own parents.  Totally fair. 

Earlier tonight, I had to put on music like I did with the other cunt that used to live in that room because she wouldn’t stfu.  At least he had enough common sense to go into another room after I put on the music.  If I did that, I would get a nasty email from our landlord telling me I reminded you this already but you’re not getting it, keep it down.  Smh he has 1 room to live in, we have like 4 or 5 rooms to live in.  Our bedroom isn’t right next to the door, but thank God it’s not there.  It would be annoying to hear him all night long with his annoying fucking machine.  His voice sounds like an idiot anyway, so fucking stupid and loud. Whenever my parents call, I either talk in the laundry room or the bathroom.  Neither room has a comfy chair to sit on, None of them have Any place to really sit on for long periods of time.  One time when my parents called I talked to them in the bathroom on the mat.  Those mats are comfy for your feet but not for long talks for over an hour.  My ass hurt and I was in my towel because I just got out of the shower. 

I did all that because I didn’t want to get an email nor did I want to get yelled at nor did I want to hear him through items against the door.  Yet if we did Any of that, we would get a nasty email from our landlord because he’s a friend of a friend of hers.  Rme I like it How we can keep it down all the time that the other girl was here and even when our landlord lived here yet we keep getting told to keep the volume down.  OMG people are such assholes.

I Love the fact that I’m the bad daughter because I don’t want contact with my sister.  She’s the great person because she unlike me, has tried to contact me.  Rme I’ve been there before.  I was the one calling her, texting, writing, emailing, etc. But I stopped because she made it clear more times then not that she doesn’t want to keep contact with me.  Once again, she’s lying to our parents saying she contacted me when she has not.  I have text apps that will tell me someone will call me.  I get voicemails even I do not use it it still shows up.  People have called me on the apps I think that’s a mistake but they have still called and it notifies me. 

I know my cell phone number but I didn’t tell my mom because I don’t want my sister calling my cell phone.  I prepay my minutes, I don’t need to waste my minutes because she decided to really call me.  Which she won’t because this is my sister were talking about. She only does it if she wants something from me.  Let’s face it, with me 2 hours away there’s nothing that I can do for her.  She already got her Christmas gifts which we’re cheap mind you.  When she gives us a 5 dollar fountain, and a 50 cents candle.  Yeah come on try harder you bitch.  Where is the hello Kitty??????????  There will never be Any hello Kitty because she has never bought me anything nice.  I don’t care if she sends me something next year, I will return it.  But I won’t make my poor niece suffer, she will get a gift card for toy r us. Then Claire’s when she gets older so my sister can’t steal it and use it for herself.  Later on  in my nieces life, just like How I realized about my aunt that my mom is a fucking cunt that her mom is one as well.  She come to that realization one of these days.  She will fight with her mom in a few years and I know because my sister is exactly like me in many ways.  As much as it pisses off my sister, it’s true.  It’s why I dyed my roots, we were looking way too alike.  But Grammy loved it this way and don’t worry Grammy I won’t change my hair color I know you will haunt me and be upset as well.  For your honor, it will always be black. 

Well now that I feel gross I’m off to wash today and all the stress that I went through with my fucked up my parents. Ugh a thank you note REALLY??  Ugh. Some people don’t know How to stop huh? Oh Yeah a thank you note will totally change everything between us too.  That won’t even change one thing.  She didn’t bother saying sorry Jason couldn’t make it.  Nope just Thanks for everything.  Grrr I need another drink

I’m Stronger Then You, LOSER!

Published December 29, 2014 by sadistickitten

It’s a sad day when you realize that no matter how hard you try, no matter how good of a daughter you are, no matter what you do, you will ALWAYS be 2nd to their oldest. My problems are NEVER as bad as hers, my problems can ALWAYS wait a day, a week, a month or a year for them to bother with me. Doesn’t matter what my circumstances are, they’re NEVER as bad as hers. She will always be the favorite & I never will be. I’m not special, I’m not wonderful and I’m not as perfect as she is. (she far from all that, she’s mentally & physically ill- most of it is in her head & she creates for drama). Oh my parent try to tell me differently but their actions & comments about her speak volumes. I can tell them till I’m blue in the face that she’s this or that but they won’t listen, she’s their precious angel. She’s the most important person in their life. If I died, my sis would have a crisis that’s bigger that they would HAVE to deal with first THEN bother with me. I feel like I’m a huge bother for my parents, that I’m not loved as much as she is. That hurts, but talk to my parents about my sis & they will go on & on. Mention my name, they’ll “she’s doing fine” & end it there. *sighs*

I am a stronger person, I know this. I know that I can be a better person than she can or ever will be. But that’s not the point, why do my parents have to treat 1 child so much better then the others?! Why can’t we both get the same attention?

On my OWN birthday, my sis had a problem so my parents forgot my own birthday!! They never called me to wish me a happy birthday! My sis HAD to go into the mental ward THE day we came down to visit (isn’t that just a little too convenient?), there are other things too but try telling my parents that? Yeah it’s like talking to a brick wall, they don’t listen nor do they hear me. It’s a good thing I’ve got such a great support system from my friends & Tony, or else I don’t know what I’d be like right now. Thanks for being so wonderful, I’m grateful yr round!

Please bare with me while I get through this, it will take awhile but I’ll get over how they treat her and how unfairly they treat me. They will never see it because they’re too blinded by her manipulation. It breaks my heart that I’m not really wanted or cared about,ignored and thrown to the side because my sis has yet another crisis. My sis ALWAYS has a crisis, every day she’s got something new. It isn’t her mental health this time (which she’s faking, I know my sis better than anyone else does), it’ll be her job, her daughter, her husband, or her in laws. ugh please.

When we came down Saturday, not even my own BIL could come down to see us. He “had to work” yet he knew when we were going to be there, we made plans a month ahead of time giving him plenty of warning. Yet before this, my parents told me he hasn’t been working for over a month. Excuses for my sis, always excuses and denial. I’m so done!

EDIT: Please note, I’ve known people who are mental ill. I’ve been depressed, had anxiety, panic attacks, etc. When you’re TRULY depressed, you don’t want people to know that you want to kill yourself. You keep it to yourself b/c people will stop you. My sister is telling EVERYONE that she’s depressed to get attention, to get people to notice her. She’s always done drama filled things to get attention all her life. This is nothing different but what’s worse? She’s got an 8 yr old daughter to take care of but she doesn’t take care of her. She gives her off to her in laws, my parents, her aunts, etc. anyone else but her because she can’t handle it. She doesn’t want to be a mom she wants to be loser who dosed herself up with tons of drugs. Big baby!

Dear Tenant Beside Us

Published December 20, 2014 by sadistickitten

Just because you rent a ROOM (us renting A WHOLE side ALL by ourselves) doesn’t give you the right to slam things against the door b/c we’re loud watching a movie on a Thursday night (it was 5pm NOT 9pm) or me watching a movie in the middle of day (noontime I should be able to watch a fucking movie w/out you getting disgusted & throwing or sighing loudly when I’m fast forwading DVR commercials). We are mostly quiet on this side, we keep it down 90% of the time. I’m not gonna live like a fucking monk b/c you want us quiet 24/7/365. Sorry but I HAVE to make noise to cook, bake, put away dishes, wash dishes, go down our stairs from the loft in the am, etc. I have to, you will have to deal with it. I can’t unlike you go into ANOTHER room to get away from YOU! 4 rooms are RIGHT on top of your door, sorry that our landlord failed to explain this to you but that’s your own fault!

The door should have been thicker then it is and it’s not our fault it’s like having a tissue paper between you & us. You KNEW this going in so don’t act all irritated when we make ANY type of noise. smh. Emailing our landlord about our “noise” level other than after 9pm on a week night is just making you look like an ass.

BTW: I didn’t email her till it was WEEKS, or even MONTHS after she was making LOUDER noise then we’re making for DAYS on end!!!! So stfu & shut it up your ass! We barely make any noise, we try to be as quiet as we can. Don’t like the noise? Become a MONK asshole!


The couple who live IN THE WHOLE APARTMENT next to you

PS: Stop having our landlord email us telling US to keep the noise volume asshole b/c we’re NOT that loud. Only REALLY loud every 2 weeks on a Friday, don’t like it? Move the fuck out! Not our fault you suck & have to rent a room instead of living somewhere else.